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2010-11-13 14:28:57 by Kirsten-chan

heeeey everyone!!!! its like been another long time D: I sorry! but Im back! I might be coming on everyday now to check this site and maybe add some more art cuz I have a lot on my laptop now :D soo yea well byby!! sayonora! :D

:D yay

2010-07-02 11:27:04 by Kirsten-chan

I got a Tablet for my computer I am happy now :D my daddy got it for me and also some more art software :3 soo HAPPY


2010-06-25 14:38:09 by Kirsten-chan

Hey everyone who is actually paying attention to me and my art! I wld like if you wld plz just review it on the actual picture not with the comments on my blog things thank you!!! :D do you ppl find my art? I dont think its been in the portal...


2010-04-25 14:38:16 by Kirsten-chan

eh... can someone give me tips on how to draw better? Because I want to get better.... over the summer im going to get this thing to help me on my art but yea just plz tryng to get a scholarship to SCAD


2010-01-23 14:18:35 by Kirsten-chan

Blahhhhh has anyone looked at my pics/drawings........?